Stepping Stones

Our stepping stones can be used in your garden, or in your pathway leading up to your house. Or maybe you have a garden path that you would like to add a special touch to.

The Jeristone yard with stepping stones, cladding and pavers. Bird baths ready to be delivered. Stepping stones in a walkway. Pavers and stepping stones in a garden. Put a bird bath in your garden and attract birds. A walkway with Jeristone stepping stones. Jeristone stone products looks so natural that it can be used to compliment real stone products, such as in this garden. Another beautiful garden with Jeristone stepping stones used to enhance the look. This garden is well laid out with Jeristone's paving. The driveway is enhanced with cobble stones. Not content with just a normal look, the owner of this garden laid the stone pavers in a circular pattern. This gorgeous braai area makes use of Jeristone products all over, with cladding on the stone braai itself, and paving in the surrounding area.